Blow off steam through exercise

Power walk for ten minutes and take out your aggression on the pavement, or listen to the sound of your feet walking and count your steps. Or, hit the gym and take your aggression out on machinery!

What you eat matters

Do you have some favorite foods? Maybe try your own “comfort” food.  If it’s grilled cheese sandwiches, do it! If it’s french fries, do it!

Also, research says that foods like avocados, eggs, blueberries, dark chocolate, lentils, salmon, green tea, and leafy greens all help boost the mood!

Treat yourself

Spas may be expensive but what about a spa day at home? Try products with lavender or rose, two aromatherapy go-tos that really can help calm your mind.  

Get a fidget toy

Fidget toys can help you relieve stress.  

Don’t skip the doctor

An annual check-up could help you prevent problems before they start or catch problems early. Your health is important and should always come first.


Take a look at some of these healing modalities that worked for Jasmine and her friends. Every person is different and every practitioner is different. It’s important that you find a good fit for you. Remember that a lot can come up when processing trauma so look for a support system to be there with you, especially as you try new approaches to healing.

Somatic Experiencing






Yoga Therapy

Look for a yoga therapy practitioner in your area. If you cannot find a class to join, take a look at these poses you can do at home: https://www.yogajournal.com/practice/colleen-saidman-yees-poses-hidden-trauma




Finding a good therapist can take time but the right one can be a game changer. Some of us went through multiple therapists before we found the right fit so don’t give up. Your school, faith community, or community groups may have free or reduced rate support groups or therapy. You can also try Happify, an app on your phone with lots of free videos, games, and ways to bring happiness to your life!


Your inner self

Make a self care pouch

Make a little self care pouch to carry with you.  This might include some lavender oil, your journal, a favorite quote or two on paper, photos of people or things you like, or even some kind of special stone or item that makes you feel grounded. Did you know that many people believe that stones have certain properties for healing? Check this out: https://www.energymuse.com/about-gemstones


Meditation can come in different forms like counting in your head, yoga, deep breathing. All of them require you to shift your focus to a more calming mood.  Here are some apps to try on your phone: Breethe or Insight Timer.


ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (learn more here: https://asmruniversity.com/about-asmr/what-is-asmr/). There are a wide range of videos from visuals such as soap peeling, to different type of sounds like ocean breeze. Check them out and see if they’re your thing!



Consider an Emotional Support Animal

Emotional Support Animals can provide significant emotional support to people with social anxiety. Jasmine’s dog Pax is an endless source of licks, love, and listening. Learn more here about Emotional Support Animals here: https://usserviceanimals.org/support/faq


Try a new hobby

Hobbies like making jewelry, knitting, or dancing, are always fun and allow to unwind. Additionally, did you know that patterned, repetitive, rhythmic activities can help process trauma and anxiety? You can find free classes online or groups to join at meetup.com.

Get lost in music

Blast your favorite music in the car or in your room… wherever you are, just jam out! Looking for new tunes? Check out Jasmine’s playlists on Spotify.


Some of us feel more comfortable writing than speaking — and your journal can be judgment free! The act of putting pen to paper can also help your body unwind and relax.

Other ideas?

We are still building out our resource list, with the support of youth like you! Have ideas of resources that should be here? Please let us know.

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