Behind the scenes: the Jasmine journey


This site was designed by and for youth like you

From San Francisco to Washington DC, seven youth consultants (our “Secret Jasmines”) joined forces with Freedom Forward to develop this site for you. They pulled together tips, suggestions, stories, and resources from their own lives.


Our Secret Jasmines came from all walks of life. Collectively, they have experienced homelessness, the juvenile justice system, the foster care system, sex trafficking, commercial sexual exploitation, and the street economy. They have overcome a lot; and they are committed to helping other youth step into their power.


Meanwhile, we asked people who they saw in Jasmine…


Turns out, the world could use a superhero right now


Our aim was to pique curiosity and plant early seeds to break stereotypes and position girls as strong agents of their lives. More than 4000 people wanted to know who she was and went to the website to cast their vote.  


Here are some of the comments we received:

“She's different and she's resilient she's somebody's hero and somebody that will change the way women are viewed in our society.”

“Me and any girl who has overcome adversity, navigated through pain, and humbled herself to rise once again.”

“Kamala Harris.”

“Christine Blasey Ford”

“She is me! Powerful and freedom…she is what it is to be taught self-love…respect…she is all we are…she is me.”

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