How Great I Am. By Nia


To quote my idol Muhammad Ali

My only weakness is not knowing how great I am

My battle doesn't reflect who I am

Ima warrior

Ima survivor

Most of all ima MUTHAFUCKIN fighter

I don’t wear it on my chest

I say it with my chest

I’d don’t got anything to prove

Just watch me move

I remember being introduced to the game

As I sit back and think that dude was a lame

Your judgement doesn’t move me

My life... it’s a movie

It’s more to life than selling booty

This doesn't have to be your lifestyle

There opportunities out there

Miles long


If you feel the same way, chat along

Knock me down nine times but I get up ten
Look myself in the mirror, I say we gon' win

Cardi b said it the best

No need to explain, they know the rest

Everything I go through is a test

Thank you God for making me a glorified mess!

My only weakness is not knowing how great I am

I can’t wait to pop so you can see who I am!


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